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[Req] glFTPD - ExiiiTus - 26-01-2019

hello outkastm,
would you be so nice and could create a ftp server with glftpd .... that would really help me with it

RE: [Req] glFTPD - ExiiiTus - 27-01-2019

that would be super class if you could do that as a module ...

RE: [Req] glFTPD - outkastm - 28-01-2019

will be a bit difficult to make it work as it require a newer glibc version which is not available in Thecus OS and the source files of glFTPd are not available for download
I need some days to try to make it work on Thecus NAS

RE: [Req] glFTPD - ExiiiTus - 28-01-2019

that would be super class if that works now ever a big thank you

thx thx thx Rolleyes

RE: [Req] glFTPD - ExiiiTus - 09-02-2019

hello I just wanted to ask you how things stand .....

RE: [Req] glFTPD - outkastm - 10-02-2019

working on it, hopefully will be done in couple of days and will work as expected

RE: [Req] glFTPD - ExiiiTus - 23-02-2019

hello I wanted to ask how far that is with the glftpd?

RE: [Req] glFTPD - outkastm - 25-02-2019

im stuck on some errors during startup...still some more troubleshooting needed

RE: [Req] glFTPD - ExiiiTus - 24-03-2019

hello I wanted to ask if, how far the project is

RE: [Req] glFTPD - outkastm - 03-04-2019

i was able to start it manually...trying to automate the process