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i downloaded the linux binary from their site and it worked!
go figure,not very often something works on these nas.

i though i remember we had someway to run a binary/script on startup,i think it was by fajo or yourself.i forget.
i dont think we really need a installer(unless you wish to make one) for this as its 1 binary file and you can specify the config path/port on startup.

from their site.
Arguments (If any) : -config=C:\PathToXteve\Config or -port="XXXX"

when i setup the dvr in plex it found it ok,loaded m3u but when i tried epg it says "invalid or missing file" and i cant get past this part.
everything work fine using the windows exe but i have to leave a pc running just for xteve this way.

i got it working.i had copy the xml to htdocs2 folder and use a web address for the epg.xml
surely the dvr must accept a windows or inux local path?

i found the META module and added my script,but it didnt start at boot.
i chmod +x the script after copying it to startup folder.

guess i didnt wait long enough after boot,its working now.


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