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Remove 3GB RAM limitation on x64 CDV NAS model
Applicable for :

x64 CDV (64 bits)
- N7510
- N5550
- N4800 series
- N4510U series
- N2800

From instructions posted elsewhere, in order to make the NAS to use more than 3GB of RAM you must modify the menu.lst file. This is what is used to boot the OS of the NAS, and passes several attributes for the OS at boot. For some unknown reason Thecus have set the memory hard limited to 4GB, with 1GB reserved for video, giving the system 3GB usable regardless of how much actual physical RAM is installed.

To use more than 4GB of RAM on NAS, you must:
1 - Enable SSH on the NAS
2 - From SSH type:
mount /dev/sdaaa1 /boot
vi /boot/boot/grub/menu.lst
3 - Press i to enter insert mode
4 - CAREFULLY remove the "MEM=4G" on the line from the "menu.lst" file.
5 - Pres ESC to exit insert mode
6 - Press ZZ to save the change and exit vi
7 - Reboot
8 - Confirm that more than 3GB is addressable by the NAS
9 - Disable SSH

*** This must be repeated following any firmware updates to the NAS! ***
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