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[PlexPy][1.170910]Monitoring, analytics and notification for PlexMediaServer
Well i run some tests for me is like that: (tested with Tautulli)
Start a movie will show automatically as playing on home page.
If Current Activity in History Tables option is checked, the file is shown also on History page.
If file is played for less than 120 seconds (time duration can be changed) the file dissappear from History page.
If file is played for more than 120 seconds (time duration can be changed) the file stay in History page and user page when the stream is stopped. Not mandatory to be let finished.
If the playing time is more than 85% of the total movie duration, the file is counted as watched.
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Please respect my work and dont share my modules
thks again,i see the same results.
i have a lifetime plex pass and havnt used it in yrs.
i use kodi on my nas to host my libary and metadata, all other kodi instances on lan connected to it via upnp(and dont need to download its own metadata).

a family member is ill and bed ridden so this was the easiest way for me to be able to share the libary over wan although i dont like the fact of having 2 sets metadata.
i added plexpy just to see the statistics.
PlexPy is away... the new "Tautulli" is now out of beta...

PlexPy can be updated to Tautulli...
Just for others that land here. Tautulli and can be found here

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